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    Dr. Preeti Pandya

    Dr. Preeti Pandya is one of the renowned names in Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. She is a top performer in educational as well as professional career. She was awarded Gold Medal in Plastic Surgery by Gujarat University. She has a very rich experience in the field of Cosmetic, Plastic and Burn surgeries. She also worked as an assistant professor in Plastic Surgery department in Government Medical College, Vadodara, Gujarat. She is having a more than 15 years of experience in Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery.

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    Dr Preeti T Pandya

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    What is This Big G?


    It is classified into 4 Grades by the Plastic Surgeons

    Gynecomastia, also known as male breast enlargement, is a condition in which breast tissues in males enlarge. Though a common condition among men, it needs the right diagnoses and treatment. At Gynecomastia Surgeon India, we strive to provide the best gynecomastia treatment in Delhi so that you can regain your self-confidence and esteem. It can happen because of gland enlargement or fat deposits. Instead of feeling embarrassed and living with it, you can now get rid of it by contacting us. 

    If you have enlarged breasts and wondering the reason for it, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with Dr.Priti Pandya, one of the leading and renowned cosmetic surgeons in Delhi. She is highly qualified, experienced, and well-trained to perform this procedure. 

    She was awarded the Gold Medal in Plastic Surgery by Gujarat University. Her dedication and commitment to providing the best medical care and treatment set her apart from others. Being the best gynecomastia surgeon in Delhi, India, she explains the entire process along with its benefits and risks during the initial consultation. 

    In most cases, the cause of enlarged male breasts is not known however it might be due to hormonal imbalance or heavy use of steroids given by the gym instructors. It can also occur because of hereditary factors. We will conduct a thorough medical examination to find the root cause of this condition. The gynecomastia surgery can be performed with the Excision or Liposuction method. We will recommend the technique depending on the grade and type of gynecomastia. 

    There are four grades of enlarged male breasts. We will recommend the best treatment methods based on the grade you are suffering from.

    • Grade 1 – Small enlargement without skin excess
    • Grade 2 – Moderate enlargement without skin excess
    • Grade 3 – Moderate enlargement with minor skin excess
    • Grade 4 – Marked enlargement with excess skin resembling female breast ptosis

    We perform series of investigations and test to determine the grade. Our doctor will start the treatment accordingly. Gynecomastia surgery cost in Delhi depends on several factors. Gynecomastia Surgeon India is the best clinic to undergo male enlargement breast surgery. Schedule an appointment to know more about the procedure. 

    Enlargement of bust tissue in men is known as Gynecosmastia

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    Client Testimonials

    I had my Gynecomastia procedure at Luxury Aesthetic on 15th July 2021. The procedure was well organized, it was a great experience. The staff was very helpful and would like to recommend.

    During COVID it is very difficult to go under the knife but when I visited Luxury Aesthetics, my all doubts and fear came to an end. They follow all the safety guidelines and when I met the doctor she explained me the procedure in detail, she cleared all my doubts and assured me the positive outcome of the procedure. I am very happy with the result of the procedure. Thanks Luxury Aesthetics. Kudoos!!!!

    Very Friendly and helpful staff. Fabulous care before and after the procedure. Doctor explained the procedure in great detail and answered all my questions. Always friendly and very professional! Highly recommend!